bitcoin 2017 prediction

Lets face it, a technology upgrade of securities settlements or OTC clearing comes with 1tn dollar prize, but the guys who spend the money may not necessarily be the guys who take the spoils. Propelled forward by numerous forces including strong market momentum, rising interest rates and an influx of new money, the digital currencys price could surge to fresh, all-time highs next year, the analysts asserted. Michael Novogratz, billionaire investor with 10 of his wealth in Bitcoin and Ethereum, revealed that he had been selling many of his coins, suspecting a while back that the digital currencies had peaked for the year.

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Bitcoin is way too large for one single person to be able to manipulate it by talking their book. In 2017, most business leaders will stop asking What is blockchain?, stop listening to sentences starting with THE blockchain, filter out the keywords, revolutionize, disrupt and transform and start asking how they can make money from this technology. Many disagree with the bubble how to get my old bitcoin wallet idea altogether, and argue that Bitcoin will reach unprecedented prices down the road. Ethereum will get its act together. While bitcoin prices rose sharply in 2016, climbing to multi-year highs, they will likely push even higher in 2017, according to a panel of experts polled by CoinDesk.

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