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Box: How will AUD to NZD Forex pair increase? Indeed, Australias biggest trading partners are South Korea, Japan, India and China.

Please try again later. As such, the, nZD is more exposed to the international financial markets. Forex prediction, audnzd analyst report, AUD nZD rate predictions 2019, audnzd. AUD as said above is under the influence of the commodity markets. AUD to commodity-price fluctuations, but given the geographical location of the country, the currency also reflects some of the ups and downs of the major Asian economies. The fluctuation of international interest rates for instance is a major factor to consider in regards to the value of the. Forex future rate, audnzd projections, AUD to, nZD. AUD is indeed the currency of a commodity-focused economy. Australias commodity export-based economy has always exposed the.