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some moves which I am presenting here in my blog!? The method makes use of moving averages. What it does is tries to capture a continuing trend. Uptrend becomes downtrend and highs become lows. These are some basics for floor transactions. Most of the forex analysts, who are selling their knowledge to you as an education are trying to complicate their analysis much as they can, only to create the illusion on how hard is to analyse the market. Most of the time they transacting on behalf of the banks customers, as they say,clearing the flow. It gives them the freedom to see how a market is behaving. A lot of the traders do it as a supplementary income source. After that trader has to wait for a retracement. The most fundamental sign in floor trading is a reversal after retracement.

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They work while traders trade in this method on the trading floors. Exponential Moving averages should be between 9 and. One has to wait for the 9 MA to cross over 18 MA downward. Here are a few important ones to keep in mind for the Forex trading floors: Time frame must be at least 5 minutes. You must understand the fundamentals, analyse simple as you can and see the market as youre are on the trading floor, as you are the big player! Some of these points are: This method of floor trading depends heavily on retracement. Do you know that only 5 of total forex traders are bankers? Fishing trips, sailing weekends and golf seem to be the big pastimes between the traders at the moment.