bitcoin cash undervalued

Image via m, while most investors appear to be holding their Bitcoin or adding to their positions ahead of the November 16th B2X fork, there are signs that funds are starting to flow from Bitcoin into deeply oversold altcoins. And if the Bitcoin price crashes following the fork as expected, investors that dont sell out immediately are going ot take a loss during the correction. With Bitcoin currently at 7,200, this gives. Note that both Bitcoin and Litecoin are deflationary. This is 30x the current price of 60!

bitcoin cash undervalued

Bitcoin, cash is grossly overvalued compared to the more scalable and cost-efficient Litecoin, the flappening is seeming like a near possibility. We re more than halfway there; 61, to be precise.

Why Litecoin Is Massively. Litecoin is currently the #5 cryptocurrency with a market capitalization.3 billion. Bitcoin with a market capitilization of 120 billion.

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We will still benefit from the fork, as it has caused our Bitcoin holdings to shoot 65 higher over the past month. First to complete a cross-chain atomic swap (with Decred). Whats driving this change in fortunes between the two digital currencies? If theres any decentralized digital currency that deserves to sit in the top three, it has to be Litecoin, not a quasi-decentralized crypto with limited use like Ripple, or a slow, inefficient Bitcoin imposter like Bitcoin Cash. Chart courtesy of m, you see, just by riding on Bitcoins coattails, Bitcoin Cash has managed to attain a valuation it may otherwise not be worthy. Advertisement, nobody can question the first half of the prophecy now, given the gaping disparity between the two top cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash traders fasten your seat belts. The market is currently pricing Segwit2x at 1,300 via futures trading.