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could lead to minimum deposit forex trading a third type of "Bitcoin." How likely this is to actually happen remains. Do I need to take any precautions before sending B2X from Coinbase? If a split happens and you are a miner, you should have by now decided on which chain youll mine, and mine on that chain. This should make BIP148 obsolete. For example, if you buy 1 BTC on November 16 with a bank account, this purchase will likely be pending for 5 business days as we wait for your funds to be transferred from your bank.

Block 494,784: Segwit2x Developers Set Date for Bitcoin
Coinbase Bitcoin Segwit2x Fork FAQ

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This activation means that a base block bigger than 1 megabyte should be mined, which makes BTC1 clients incompatible with all Bitcoin clients that do not have the hard fork code implemented. Else you risk having your blocks rejected by a hash power majority. But July 31st really is your last chance to get ready. all BIP148 nodes will start rejecting any blocks that do not signal readiness for Segregated Witness (per BIP141). Both BIP148 and SegWit2x could diverge from the current Bitcoin protocol, which could in turn lead to even more splits. Each block on the bitcoin blockchain is mined with a difficulty setting, which roughly indicates how much work needs to be done to mine a block. But you may, in that case, need to download software to be able to send (and receive) the coins. The post reads: During the month of November 2017, approximately 90 days after the activation of Segregated Witnesses in the Bitcoin blockchain, a block between 1MB and 2MB in size will be generated by bitcoin miners in a move to increase network capacity. Weve posted a general timeline here, and plan on sharing more specific details as we get closer to the fork. Segregated Witness and its potential activation methods.

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