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Chris started as Forex traders, the industry experience and sharp eye for market trends, brought them to CFDs Cryptocurrencies. You can check it out on my channel. While sellers are not in control, neither are buyers. The Video component of the learning takes learning to another level.

When you combine those candles together, you get the story of price. Reading and understanding the story of price is vital in Forex. Thinking about candles as just patterns is counterproductive.

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They are common, but if used in the right way, they can be very powerful. Swat, simple wave analysis trading 473 ecs. My price action strategy works in all market conditions. We have even published what some have said is the best forex trading strategy video out there. The key to reversal trading, or any trading for that matter is getting in at the right time. If you are about to enter a short trade and you ask yourself Who is in control of price? Keep It Simple, my Forex trading strategy was created with simplicity in mind. Price stalls and we get indecision forming on top of that area. We will help you know precisely what you need to trade well.

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