how many bitcoin transactions in one block

this merkle tree. As an example, let's take a look at the aforementioned transaction. In our example block given earlier, the merkle root can be found in the right column: It doesn't matter how many transactions are contained in a block, they always will be summarized by a 32 bytes hash. The last hash will be our merkle root. The Merkle Root is used when validating the block's content, not the transactions themselves. If you want to know how this hash was calculate, see this post. Alternatives Alternatives to Blockexplorer (besides their own API which lets you connect to blockchain data directly) include the following services (many of which have their own API on offer Conclusion Reading blockchain data might be confusing at first, but once you know what each bit.

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Our example's block is in the 500312 position. We take each transaction and double-hash them. Any of these two values can be punched into the input field and will lead to this same screen. The detailed table below (which stretches to the bottom of the screen and can be expanded by clicking Show More) contains all the Bitcoin movement in this one transaction. A little more than one-hundreth of a percent. The number of a block you want to explore to find out when it was mined, what data it confirmed, and. In the rightmost column, there's a parenthesized letter S. You won't find two blocks with the same hash. Let's look at these three: The first transactions sends.44 BTC to two addresses.

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