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Fiat Currencies, during the interview, McAfee also touched on his thoughts of the current financial system and how it is largely controlled by centralized bodies and institutions. McAfee previously ran for president in 2016 on the libertarian platform, which gave him the opportunity to say what he wanted to say on the national stage and talk about lapses in cyber security. In a recent interview with. McAfee Dick Line, McAfee remains calm and optimistic about his prediction. He then elaborated, stating that his intention is not to become President of the United States, but rather to inform the public at large about decentralized cryptocurrencies. John McAfee is a cybersecurity pioneer who created the McAfee anti-virus software program. McAfees scathing criticism of the current inept system of government echoed the sentiments of former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, whos also running for president in 2020. Last week, McAfee claimed on Twitter that he and his wife were indicted for not paying their US federal income taxes.

Americans will be choosing the leader of the free world (again). Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.". I have no idea, McAfee said.

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Speaking in an interview, the programmer said he will eat his private part if his prophecy doesnt come to pass. Meanwhile, McAfee candidly admits that he has no solutions to the nagging problems that plague the United States, such as immigration reform forex heat map oanda or geopolitics. What's Your Thought On This?, Let Us Know In the Comment section Below. Bitcoin's price hit a high of 19,303.74 on December 17, 2017 and closed the year at 12,629.81. A McAfee White House may flip that coin on its head. Like many bitcoin enthusiasts, McAfee is a libertarian who believes in small government, unfettered political freedom, and personal autonomy. Thats the true value The true value is going to eventually be based upon usage and if you track the usage curve, a million dollars by the end of 2020 is conservative.

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