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"Extensions" "Extension Installer" and upload bitpay-opencart. The page will now be refreshed, and you will be notified that installation is complete.

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Download, bekijk op Github, installation, download the OpenCart Bitcoin Payment Extension. It has a OpenCart Bitcoin Payments Plugin which registered users can integrate into their e-commerce stores, to enable them to take payments within the Eurozone, as well as local payments in Czech Koruna, and Polish Zloty. History, openCart Bitcoin was first made available on September 21, 2012. You must also have already installed the. All major HD Wallets like fo, electrum, trezor are supported. The plugin is open source and can be access on github. Admin Extensions Payments and enable SpectroCoin module. It is completely self contained and requires no cron jobs or external hardware other than a properly configured bitcoind forex terminology tcs server.